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Cayman Islands

Few places around the globe allow you to get away from it all in a beautiful landscape with a warm, familiar sense of belonging. But that is the essence of our islands. We’re a tapestry of tropical thrills with all the comforts of home, thanks to our British heritage and our location in the Western Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands are made up of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The largest, Grand Cayman has a cosmopolitan vibe, gourmet restaurants, world-class diving and the famous Seven Mile Beach. Cayman Brac is a nature lover’s heaven of stunning diving and breathtaking walks along the rocky bluff. The smallest island, Little Cayman is home to just 150 people. Visitors enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and diving, especially Bloody Bay Wall, considered one of the world’s best wall dives.

Things to do in Cayman Islands

  • Stingray City – If there’s one iconic activity on Cayman, this is it. The standard three-hour boat excursion includes stops for snorkeling along the way to Stingray City. But the real thrill is standing in this shallow sandbar, barely three feet deep and the soft translucent green of Murano glass, surrounded by dozens of Atlantic southern stingrays.
  • Cayman Turtle Centre – The outdoor exhibits at the Cayman Turtle Centre tell the life story of the glorious green turtles, from hatchlings to lumbering leviathan senior citizens. Kids of all ages especially love the photo ops with the youngins at the touch tanks.
  • Cayman Kai and Rum Point Beach Bars – Grand Cayman’s North Side features a string of lovely beaches. The most popular, Rum Point, offers a slightly less frenzied and frenetic day in the sun than the showcase strand, Seven Mile Beach.
  • Rare Bird watching – Birdwatchers will enjoy a literal field day on all three islands. The multi-hued Cayman Brac parrot is the prize sighting; the Brac even set aside a Parrot Preserve amid an unspoiled tropical hardwood forest.
  • Duty-Free Shopping – Like any big cruise ship port-of-call, George Town hustles and bustles with duty-free shopping options. You’ll find the usual luxury culprits from Kosta Boda to Breitling and Cartier to Clarins at such elegant establishments as Kirk Freeport.
  • Underwater Sculptures – An expat sculptor and avid diver named Foots has spent over a decade on his grand passion, fashioning life-size statues depicting larger-than-life legends from the Lost City of Atlantis: Elders and Sentinels, a.k.a. priests, lawgivers, and deities. Foots has sunk over 300,000 pounds of material offshore at the former Radar Reef, creating a convincingly mythic and magical sculpture garden wreathed in coral.
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Traffic drives on the left.


Open Monday to Thursday 8 a.m.–1 or 2 p.m. and on Fridays also in the afternoon, 2 or 2.30–5 p.m.


220/240 volts AC, 50 Hz.

Time & Timezones

UTC–5 (EST). Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not observed. Eastern Standard Time (EST) all year.


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Health & Wellness

There are four hospitals in the Cayman Islands. EMS is managed by the Government’s Health Services Authority.


Cayman Islands dollar (KYD).


Taxis are the most efficient means of transport, available from the airport, the Carenage and most hotels. Buses are cheap but slow.

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