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About Dominica

A majestic nature island bursting with flavour

Dominica is untouched, rugged and majestic, where you will greet nature in all its unspoilt natural beauty, and get a taste of the real Caribbean. Climbing the rocky emerald pools to reach the stunning twin Trafalgar Falls, taking on the 114 miles of the Waitukubuli National Trail through ancient Carib villages, across wooden river bridges into lush rainforest and past the secret slave passages. It’s little wonder that Dominica is known as the nature island.

Hike the mighty Morne Diablotin, the highest peak in Dominica in one of the island’s three national parks. Or bask in the glory of hiking to the UNESCO World Heritage Boiling Lake, where lava clouds bubble into an ethereal mist. Wildlife too flock to the wealth of Dominica’s natural habitats. See the spectacular sperm whale and dolphins that inhabit the deep waters around the island, or the protected turtles that nest on its beaches.

When you’re ready to relax, Dominica is ready to deliver with authentic Creole dishes prepared from fresh local produce and bursting with flavour. This is the kind of island where you’ll stumble across little gems on your travels. Lionfish and Creole fare in a riverside café after an epic hike, traditional Dominican fare on a thatched terrace overlooking the ocean or an infused rum to savour as you look out over the bay. And with great food comes great music, celebrated in Dominica’s annual festivals- Jazz ‘n’ Creole as well as Mas Domnik and the World Creole Music Festival.

Dominica is all about those unique once in a lifetime experiences that will stay with you always. Whether you’re an eco-conscious traveller wanting to give something back to this stunning island, a nature enthusiast with a thirst to discover, or a traveller in search of the unusual, pick the nature island, Dominica.

Things to do in Dominica

  • Scuba & Snorkelling d– Scuba Diving and Snorkelling – Dominica is rated among the top 5 dive destinations in the whole of the Caribbean and number 8 in the World. Diving opportunities off the 29 miles of sheltered west coast are exceptional and not to be missed if you are divers. There are several dive centres scattered along this stretch – from north to south: Cabrits Dive Centre, close to Picard Beach Cottages, Anse-A-Liane Lodge, near to Colihaut, the East Carib Dive Club at Salisbury beach, Dive Castaways at Mero, Dive Dominica and the Anchorage Hotel, side by side at Castle Comfort just south of Roseau, and Nature Island Dive at Soufriere. The marine reserve at Scotts Head/Soufriere Bay is a sumerged volcano, renown for its ‘champagne’ bubbles and great diversity. Douglas Bay, north of the Cabritts peninsular is also a designated marine reserve. On the Atlantic side, the north facing stretch of coastline from Blenheim to Woodford Hill has many attractive inlets and coves which are sheltered from the strong currents and breakers of the Atlantic and where snorkelling is also possible.
  • Carib – The Carib Territory in the east is home to the only surviving population of Carib Indians in the whole of the Caribbean chain of islands, originally descended from South America. They inhabited most islands of the region for a long period of time but most were wiped out during the time of European colonisation. Handicrafts such as basket weaving and carving can be purchased from roadside kiosks and a traditional Carib Village is open to visitors. A series of small waterfalls leading to the sea at the mouth of the Crayfish River is very picturesque.
  • Bird Watching Field trip with Forester and bird expert. Favourite locations are Colihaut Heights and the Syndicate Forest on the western slopes of Morne Diablotin, were our two native parrot species are most commonly observed from lookout points along the rim of the Picard River gorge, along with other endemics such as Grey Kingbird, Mangrove Cuckoo, Blue-hooded Euphonia and four varieties of Hummingbird, and from where a short hike will bring you to the river pool below Milton Falls on the Dublanc River, a tranquil spot to enjoy a traditionally prepared picnic lunch and take a refreshing bathe in the river. An all day outing may also include a visit to Cabritts or boatride up the Indian River.
  • Whale watching-Whale and dolphin watching from Dominica – afternoon boat excursions from Dive Dominica and the Anchorage Hotel are twice weekly – 2.00pm till dusk, all year round. Along with the many species of whale which frequent our waters (located by sonar detector lowered from the boat) can be seen dolphins and frigatebirds, along with flying fish jumping alongside and in front of the boat.
  • Hiking– Hike to the (world’s second largest) Boiling Lake, situated in our World Heritage Site, the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. An all day guided hike through forested highlands, via Titou Gorge, Breakfast River, Panorama viewpoint and theValley of Desolation, where steam is emitted and boiling water trickles from fumaroles and small wells into a grey water stream. The outflow of water from the lake itself flows eatward down the White River, which meets the Atlantic near the village of Delices. This is the only hike in Dominica on which you MUST be accompanied by a qualified guide. Other hikes in Morne Trois Pitons National Park include the impressive 300ft Middleham Falls, which takes approx. 1 hour to reach from either Providence (near to Laudat), beyond Cochrane via Tou Santi (stinking hole), or from Sylvania.
  • Eating Out – Eating local food Fresh fish may be obtained locally from many of the coastal villages. A conche being blown can usually be heard throughout the vicinity, indicating when fish are available for sale from the local fishermen. Red Snapper, Balou, Dorade and Tuna are commonly available. Crabs, crayfish and shrimps can be found in the rivers and streams. Fresh fruit and vegetables are of amazing quality and succulence; bananas, limes, grapefruit, oranges, pawpaw, mangoes, avocado pears, starfruit (carambola), water melon, pineapple, guava, passion fruit, coconuts, soursop, sugar apples, custard apples, golden apples (pome-cite), easter apples, mammee apples – often referred to as apricot, local cherries, tamarind, yellow goosberries, cocoa etc. Vegetables include green bananas, plantains, cristophene, green pawpaw, pumpkin, bredfruit, breadnuts, cucumber, spinach, zucchini, celery and very full flavoured tomatoes. Root vegetables include beetroot, dasheen, tania, yam and several variety of sweet potato. The main outlet is Roseau’s market place, located at the Riverside, close to the Bayfront. Dasheen and Tania bear large ‘elephant ear’ leaves – from the young tender shoots is made thick, green Calaloo soup, a local delicacy. Floral Gardens Hotel, in the north east, grow sufficient Hibiscus to make a refreshing and delicately flavoured cold drink from the red flower petals, served daily in their riverside restaurant.

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Driving is on the left. The speed limit in Roseau and villages is 20 mph. while there is no speed limit outside residential areas , unless otherwise stated.


East Caribbean dollar (EC$) GB£1.00 = EC$4.75

Health & Wellness

Health facilities, hygiene and disease risk vary worldwide. Please contact your general practitioner or travel clinic for more information.

Bottled mineral water is recommended.

Time & Timezones

GMT -4


The voltage is 220/240 volts and 50 Hz.- the same as the UK with British power sockets. However, some hotels also offer 110/115 volts and two-pin power sockets, for which an adapter may be provided.


Most restaurants and hotels include a 10% service charge. Further tipping for special services is by choice.


Bank hours are from 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Credit cards are widely accepted, with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express being the most popular.


Taxi services are widely available on the island, however, the use of licensed taxis only is highly recommended. Route taxis and fixed-fare buses operate across the island from point to point, mostly to and from the capital Roseau.

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